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'Do not cling to luxurious life, be simple and people oriented'

- Bishnu B. Manandhar, veteran leftist leader

The Nepal Weekly Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 284
Veteran Communist leader Bishnu Bahadur Manandhar has expressed concern that the communist government formed through majority votes has not been able to deliver service to the people, instead of that it is just talking high sounding words.  Although the leaders of Nepal Communist Party are talking about bringing socialism in the country, the party organization could not be consolidated due to months long unification process, resulting in frustration in the minds of the people, pointed out the senior most communist leader of Nepal.”The party unification process is confined to the central committee and secretariat level and could not be taken to the grass root level.”
If the communist government formed through peaceful means of majority voting could introduce true socialism it could become a model to the world, said Manandhar, 89, in an interview to the National News Agency (RSS). We need to adopt scientific socialism, if we are to bring real change in the country, not just ordinary socialism, he pointed out. He expressed concern that the government has not been able to shoulder the responsibility entrusted upon it by the people adding that it should play a role to provide  proper education, health service and housing to the general public.
In scientific socialism there should be collective ownership of the people in the means of production, not individual ownership, he pointed out. We can decide whether  a system is a scientific socialism or not on the basis of ownership on means of production and distribution, according to Manandhar.  Although CPN has adopted its organizational resolution and statute it could not introduce concrete political agenda, which is causing problem, he pointed out. There is a need to become alert so that ideological and theoretical deviation should not take place within the party organization due to confusing situation. 
Instead nurturing socialism the influence of nepotism and favouritism is growing in the state mechanism, which is reminding people about the Panchayat era culture, he cautioned.  Although providing social security to the labourers is a positive development there is a big challenge to implement it, he pointed out. The government should control extravagant expenses such as misuse of fund in the name of fuel expenses, Manahdhar said adding the government need to show tolerance to the criticism of the general public and media. He also advised the government to implement the agreements reached with Dr. Govinda K.C.
He also expressed concern that the local representatives such as Mayor and chairman of rural municipality are misusing the public fund for fulfilling their personal needs and luxury instead of paying attention towards delivering services to the people.  He also criticized the government for acquiring more and more vehicles for heads of government and heads of states in the name of providing security, which is causing jam in the road resulting in inconvenience to the general public.
Political leadership need to attach themselves to the people instead of living in proximity with a handful loyalists, businessmen and capitalists, who try to fulfill their vested interest, he pointed out. |Although NCP is talking about welfare of labour class and weaker section of the society, there is little difference between the CPN government and the Nepali Congress, said Manandhar. The NCP government and the NCP leadership should make the people feel the difference between Congress government and the present government, he pointed out. 
He urged the leaders to adopt simple life style instead of attracting towards luxurious life. The leaders should follow the right track and they should be people oriented instead of keeping distance with the people, he pointed out. 
He also called upon the government to maintain a balanced foreign policy that is based on national consensus. We should not over emphasize on neighbourhood though we need to build good neighbourhood, said Manandhar. We need to develop friendly relations with countries across the globe, not just the neighbours, he added. There should be a sound foreign policy of the nation, instead of developing the policy to serve the interest of a certain political party, we need to develop foreign policy based on national interest, he pointed out. He also called the government to forge consensus with mainstream political parties while formulating foreign policy saying only such type of foreign policy can promote long term national interest. 
Nepal is a country having abundant natural resources and being sandwiched between two rising powers, it can prosper well if we could utilize our natural resources, he pointed out.