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Govt’s failure encouraging extremist forces

The Nepal Weekly Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 149
As the two third majority leftist government has come under criticism from different quarters for its failure to perform up to the expectation of the people, the regressive forces are raising their heads. Nepal Communist Party – Maoist led by Biplav has intensified it activities taking the advantage of the situation.  Despite the government’s decision to ban the party and intensifying security at different parts of the country, the Biplav led Maoist has expanded its activities to different districts of Nepal.
The Maoist party is reported to have included the name of co-chair of Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” in its hit list as number one target. In response to this the government has increased the number of bodyguards to Prachanda to 59. There are fears among the ruling party leaders that many young cadres who fought ‘Peoples War” under the banner of Maoist Party led by Prachanda, might join Biplav led underground outfit. 
On the other hand, former King Gyanendra has also intensified his activities in the Terai region. Gyanendra is currently on a religious tour to different districts of southern Nepal. His tour is seen here as politically motivated. At a time when president of Rastriya Prajatntra Party Kamal Thapa is launching campaign to reinstate Hindu state, the ex-monarch has also started making remarks against the K.P. Oli led government. 
The Oli government has completed one year of term in power. But the people are not satisfied with the government’s functioning.  Whatever Oli did are only paying lip services without delivering any service to the people and without making any tangible results. The rampant corruption, uncontrolled market price, dusty and bumpy roads of Kathmandu, luxurious life styles of ruling party leaders are what make the people unhappy and frustrated. 
Taking the advantage of the situation, the extreme rightists as well as extreme leftists are fishing in the troubled water. People’s voices of discontent are clearly visible in the comments made by them in various social media sites.  Instead of correcting their behavior and improving performance the ruling party leaders are trying to curtail press freedom and restricting social media sites.